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6.38mm-43.20mm AS/NZS2208 Bullet Proof Glass Safety Glass

Product Description

Bullet proof glass is essentially a high standard of security glass, by laminating layers of glass, PVB, PU, SGP, PC and other materials, to provide high security against rifle bullets. 

Min size: 300X500mm
Max size: 2440X3660mm

Total thickness: 6.38mm-17.52mm

Glass Thickness: 
3+0.38+3mm; 4+0.38+4mm
5+0.38+5mm; 6+0.38+6mm
3+0.76+3mm; 4+0.76+4mm
5+0.76+5mm; 6+0.76+6mm
7+0.76+7mm etc
PVB Thickness: 0.38mm, 0.76mm, 1.14mm, 1.52mm etc. 
PVB COLORS: Clear, Milky White, Blue, Ocean Blue, Dark Grey, Light Green, French Green, Bronze, etc

1. Doors and windows of building, curtain wall, ceiling, floor and partition wall. 
2. Bus stations, airports and places where sound insulation is recommended. 
3. Show window of bank, jeweler shop, shop and kinds of exhibition hall. 
4. Windows and doors of cars and boats. 
5. Skylight of factory building and interior decoration and furniture. Etc. 

1. Extramely high safety
2. Energy-saving building materials
3. Create aesthetic sense to building
4. Sound control
5. Ultraviolet screening
Quality Standard: . 
Laminated Glass/Tempered Glass Standard: EN 12543; ANSI Z 97.1 200; BS 6206

Packing Detail: 
1. Interlay paper between two sheets. 
2. Seaworthy wooden crates. 
3. Iron/Plastic belt for consolidation

Product NameBullet Proof Glass
Brand NameXKL
Place of OriginQingdao, China
StructureFloat Glass+ PVB film+ Float Glass+ PVB film+ Float Glass
ThicknessSheet Glass3-19mm

Laminated glass9.76-42.3mm

SizeMinimum Size250mm×330mmCan be customized according to your requirement.

Maximum Size2440mm×3600mm
Packing Details1. Interlay paper or plastic between two sheets
2. Seaworthy wooden crates
3. Iron belt for consolidation
Quality StandardCE/CCC/ISO
Note: XKL Special Glass can customize according to the given specifications and colors from our clients