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Anti-Reflective Coating patterened Tempered Solar Glass for Solar Panel

Anti-Reflective Coating Solar Glass

Low-iron solar glass, combined with nanometer anti-reflective coating technology is applied for solar modules. It increases solar transmittance by way of decreasing light reflectance, thus increasing the solar cell efficiency. Besides, it reduces the reflected glare of the glass and the pollution caused by the reflectance to the environment. The super water-wet behavior of the coating could in some degree protect the dust and dirt from shading the light and improve the self-cleaning of the glass so that the solar cell could maintain high efficiency. 

Solar Glass Parameter: 
1) Standard Thickness: 3.2mm and 4mm
2) Thickness Tolerance: 3.2+-0.20mm; 4.0mm+-0.30mm; 
3) Max size: 2250mm*3300mm
4) Solar Transmittance (3.2mm): ≥ 91.6%
5) Iron Content: ≤ 120ppm Fe2O3
6) Poisson's Ration: 0.2
7) Density: 2.5g/CC
8) Young's Modulus: 73. Gpa
9) Tensile Strength: 42MPa
10) Hemispherical Emissivity: 0.84
11) Epansion Coefficient: 9.03*10-6/º C

Anti- reflective coating solar glass is mainly used for encapsulation of the solar modules (cell, panel).