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Low-E Tempered Insulated Glass for glass curtain wall

Product Description

Low-e tempered insulated glass

1)Fine performance
Insulating Glass is made by separating two or more pieces of glasses with effective support and well-proportioned partition, and felting and pressurizing their edges with dry gas space between the glass layers. Insulating Glass usually has single-cavity and double-cavity structures.

2)Energy conservation, heat preservation and heat insulation
The heat insulation of Insulating Glass is the more satisfying one among all the present deep processed glass products. Especially, the application of LOW-E Glass, inert gas filling and warm edge technology makes the heat insulation of Insulating Glass reach its optimization.

3)Comfortableness, Sound insulation and noise reduction
Under the obstruction of Insulating Glass, all kinds of noises can be steadily reduced by more than 30dB. Another 5dB can be reduced further if inert gases have been filled in.

4)Environmental Protection, Low Temperature but No dew
The most fulsome trouble caused by window glass must be the dew on the surface of the glass in high latitude zones. The wet window frame is the perfect bed for bacteria breeding. This will not only bring visual uncomfortableness but also will even be the inducement for people's sickness in winter. The sufficient quantity of desiccant filled in the spacer strips of Insulating Glass can effectively absorb the water vapor in the air cavity, including that infiltrated from the outside.

Hollow Glass`s Types
Made of Float Glass, Tempered Glass, Laminated Galss, Pattern Glass, etc.

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Combination Structure Thickness Transmission Property
Visible Light Solar Radiation
Transmission Rate% Reflection Rate% Absorption Rate% Direct Transmission Rate% Reflection Rate%
5mm+6A+5mm 16 80.0 14.1 21.5 66.0 12.2
6mm+6A+6mm 18 79.1 14.0 25.1 63.0 11.6
8mm+6A+8mm 22 77.1 13.6 31.2 57.5 11.1
10mm+12A+10mm 32 75.4 13.6 36.5 53.1 10.5